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The purpose of this site is both to help those who are new to the Extraordinary Form and to provide English translations of the Mass texts that are easy to read on mobile devices. Here are a few links:

Below are links to English translations for both the fixed parts of the Mass as well as for the changeable propers (“the readings”) for this liturgical season:

[Links to printable versions of the propers are provided as a courtesy. MH = Maternal Heart Parish (FSSP) printable propers; UA = Propria.org printable propers; ExF = ExtraordinaryForm.org printable propers]

Season after Pentecost English Translation of the variable propers (“the readings”):

August 14, Sunday, 10th Sunday after Pentecost (Propers, Low Mass, High Mass)(other: MH printable)

August 15, Monday, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Propers, Low Mass, High Mass) (other: MH printable)

August 16, Tuesday, St. Joachim (propers) (other: MH printable)

August 17, Wednesday, St. Hyacinth (propers) (other: MH printable)

August 18, Thursday, a) Feria of the 10th Sunday after Pentecost (propers); or b) St. Agapitus

August 19, Friday, St. John Eudes (propers) (other: MH printable)

August 20, Saturday, St. Bernard of Clairvaux (propers) (other: MH printable)

For Latin-English translations, we recommend using the iPieta app for phones and DivinumOfficium.com (which this site uses as source for the English translations) for computers.