Resources for Learning More is like a bike with training wheels. Once you get the hang of it, and you will, you’ll be ready for your own hand missal or perhaps interested in diving deeper into learning about Tradition, the Extraordinary Form, sacred liturgy, etc. The following are some resources to get you started:

Hand Missals

There are several versions of 1962 daily Missals for the Traditional Latin Mass that you might find helpful. Two of the most common are produced by Angelus Press and Baronius Press. Many recommend the older Father Lassance Missal as well. The Fraternity of St. Peter ( and Canons Regular of St. John Cantius ( are two places you can find these and other great resources.

Phone Apps and Websites for the Extraordinary Form

iPieta app: Comprehensive resource with prayers, calendars for both Forms of the Mass, an online Extraordinary Form Missal to follow along with the Mass of the day and pray the Divine Office. 

iMass app and Live Mass website: Live Masses plus link to online Missal to follow along with the Mass of the day.

Square Note app: Learn to sing Gregorian Chant! a great website for learning about sacred liturgy and the renewal, in both Forms of the Mass, that is underway. this open source repository of the Mass texts is a great resource. this website by Father John Zuhlsdorf is a treasure trove of information. another longtime blog that is well worth reading.

Books on the Extraordinary Form Specifically* or Liturgical Renewal 

Dominus Est: It is the Lord!, by Bishop Athanasius Schneider

*The Mass in Slow Motion, by Monsignor Ronald Knox
(This book is a classic and out of print. PDF and online copies are available online at various places.)

*Nothing Superfluous, by Father James W. Jackson, FSSP

The Power of Silence, by Robert Cardinal Sarah

The Spirit of the Liturgy, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)

*The Traditional Latin Mass Explained, by Dom Prosper Gueranger

Turning Towards the Lord, by Father Ewe Michael Lang

Traditional Sermons and Conferences (also available as a Podcast)

Sensus Traditionis YouTube Channel